Meet our Worship Leader

WORSHIP is an integral part of walking with Christ. It’s the affection side of the relationship. It’s where we enjoy God. It’s where we adore God. It’s where we shower him with praise and gratitude. We are welcomed in to His presence through the blood of Christ which redeems us. We know God through His Word, we experience Him through worship and a life lived in surrender.

The TECH TEAM is one of the most important parts of our church. We use technology to enhance the experience – whether it’s worship, preaching, video production, graphics, etc. – It’s all vital!


  • Worship – we are seeking musicians and artists with a heart for God’s people. Worship LEADERS are inviters… inviting believers into a deeper encounter with God. You don’t have to be the best musician – in fact one of the best ways to get better is to join the band! If you have a heart for worship, you belong on the worship team!
  • Tech – to some, the sound board and computer might as well be the cockpit of a space shuttle. But it’s super simple to learn!! If you can type words in a Word Document,  you can learn our presentation software. If you can hear different instruments when you listen to music, you can learn the soundboard! We need help! Our goal is for each tech person to be on only ONCE a month. If you have tech skills, or are willing to learn, we need you on the tech team!