Core Life: Guys & Girls and the Glory of God

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6:00-9:00pm Friday the 16th and 9:00am-12:00pm Saturday the 17th

The rules of gender, marriage, singleness and sexual ethics are changing so fast it’s hard to keep up. Sadly, many churches are changing just as quickly to match our culture’s new normal.

But God made human beings with gender and sets out his own purpose for marriage, singleness and sex and he means to be glorified in all of it.

In this event we’ll help you…

  • Understand with absolute clarity the God’s design for gender, marriage, singleness and sex.
  • Identify the key to living powerfully for God’s glory in our confused culture.
  • Sense the overwhelming grace of God promised to us in the Gospel for our sins in these areas.
  • Have confidence sharing the hope of the Gospel with our broken culture that needs it so desperately.


  • Guys & Girls and God’s Word
  • God made Guys and Girls for His Glory
  • The Sex You Want & the Glory God Deserves
  • Marriage & the Glory of God (for singles too)
  • Is Singleness a Crummy Consolation Prize (for couples too)
  • Guys & Girls and the Gospel for God’s Glory