You were once a kid and you knew what it was like to grow up in your world. Now your kids live in a different world and are facing things you never had to. We believe that your child can come out on top.  We know that it can only happen when they have a relationship with Jesus. So it is our desire to help you navigate your child into the discovery of who Jesus is and how they can have a healthy and growing relationship with Him. Starting in preschool, we teach these foundational truths: (1) God made me (2) Jesus loves me (3) Jesus wants to be my friend forever.  Moving into the elementary years, the three truths that will help mold the early years of their life become: (1) I can trust God no matter what, (2) I need to make the wise choice, and (3) I should treat others the way I want to be treated. To reinforce these truths in both classes, we teach our kids that the Bible is the source of wisdom and truth, what they learn applies to daily life, and that relationships with their friends and mentors matter.

We do this via three different classes that meet during Sunday services — Shine (nursery), Blaze (preschool) and Radiate (K-5).

More Information:

David Yost has been a pastor for 28 years. He has lived in Sisters for 17 years and been a pastor of children’s ministries at Vast for the past 4 years. He’s always had a special place in his heart for kids and serving at Vast in this area is his sweet spot.

David has been married to his wife, Rongi, for 39 years.They have three adult children, Jay, Mindi, Minique. Jay owns his own cabinet business and has two kids, Tayla (11) and Trey (8). Mindi has been married to Kevin for 14 years and they have four kids, Kaden (11)), Kolbi (10), Paityn (8), and Maici (6). Minique recently graduated from nursing school and lives in Portland.

David enjoys spending time with his family, bass fishing on a lake with Rongi, and an occasional frustrating round of golf and he does mean frustrating.