Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith has lived in Sisters since 2014 and has served within the Vast community since 2017. Starting as a middle school youth leader, then moving into a pastoral residency, Dustin is now the Youth pastor at VAST Church. Dustin is a youth leader, teacher, street evangelist, and pastor for many within the community. This all is based in Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:28). He serves within the community to equip the body of Christ to proclaim the kingdom of God, to glorify God, and to do so passionately! (2 Timothy 2:2).


Dustin meets regularly with the staff team at VAST Church, which includes praying, eating good food, laughing, sharing stories, planning for future events, and celebrating what God is doing in our community. Through the model of Acts 2:42, the staff pursue spiritual maturity through the infallible word of God, prayer, and community.

Outside of Dustin’s passion for serving others, he enjoys hiking, CrossFit, trail running, camping, rock climbing, white water rafting, and most of all, studying and researching God’s word.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you desire to pour into the youth of our community, we are always looking for people to lead our youth and provide meals for our gatherings.

If you have the desire to learn how to proclaim the gospel of Jesus boldly, our street evangelism ministry would be happy to have you join us!

Ministry Coordinator and Administrator
Mikee Stutzman