Ryan Moffat

Ryan Moffat is one of the pastors at VAST Church, whose chief responsibilities include preaching, serving, praying, and discipleship. Ryan has the unique privilege of teaching the Bible and empowering others in discipleship activities as the Church seeks to know God deeply through the word. As an elder, he also gets to help serve the church through long-term planning and pastoral activities (counseling, pastoral care, and other general pastoral duties). One passion Ryan has for VAST church is to see our church become a praying church. We covet and need the praying power of those who are called to intercession and prayer to help build this ministry. Ryan is happily married to Michelle and they enjoy raising their 4 children together.


Bachelor in Bible and Theology – Multnomah University

Master of Arts in Exegetical Theology – Western Seminary

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are gifted in teaching, knowledge, Bible study, or writing there’s a good ministry fit for you somewhere within VAST church. If you want to help build the prayer ministry at VAST church, there is a massive need for more prayer meetings.




Pastor of Children's Ministries
David Yost
Women's Ministry Leader
Robin Gerke