Sacred Marriage Ministry

Vast desires to build up the church and it’s families by investing and strengthening marriages.  Marriage is the foundational relationship by which all other relationships flow.  If our marriages are strong our families, our church, and our community will be strong.  So what makes for a strong marriage?  Easy, intimacy with God and intimacy with our God-given spouse!  Building a Holy Union with our Creator and our spouse comes by gaining deeper insights into the purpose and plan God has for your Holy Covenant with your spouse. 

Desire a deeper intimacy with God and your spouse?   Our marriage ministry team would love to invest in you for a 6 week small group marriage study using materials from Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. These 6 weeks provide a jump start for you and your spouse to gain insights and start growing.  Ongoing investment and care is available depending on a couple’s needs.  New groups are starting throughout the year, express your interest through this link and our leadership team will contact you!