Vast Church Updates

Vast Church Updates

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September 22nd Update

Dear Church,
Thank you all for your patience with us as we’ve worked to meet in an indoor space. Last week there were too many unresolved issues to meet, but this week we get to gather at the Wellhouse Church campus! There are two, (yes two), services tomorrow night, Wednesday September 23.
Please take careful note of the following important details about the time and the nature of each gathering.
The first gathering will be at 5:00 pm. This hour long service is designated for the adults among us who are most in need of a mask-protected environment. So there will be no kids in this gathering. If you are immuno-compromised, have scheduled surgery, are a medical worker, are a care provider or any one else with family, work or personal reasons who must be masked to be public this is the service for you. It is our intent to invite and include as many of those in our church family as we can. Even the most vulnerable. Masks are available if you forget or did not know.
The second gathering is at 6:30 pm. This hour long service is for children and adults. If your kids want to go to the kids gathering, if you cannot wear a mask, or are only able to wear mask part of the time, this gathering is for you. Masked worshipers are also welcome. We will begin the service as a family, kids included in the worship. After worship, kids are released to join David and Mindy for the kids lesson.
So Church, as we together negotiate our way through this time, learning new rhythms, experiencing joy, making mistakes and adjustments, we are determined to not neglect our gathering together. It is exciting to begin Fall in a new place and see what happens. Let’s sing a new song, worship the Lord together, encourage one another, and pray over one another.
Pastor Ryan will be teaching a series out of the book of Daniel.
We will leave you to consider this word from the Apostle Paul out of Ephesians 4. “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”
See you tomorrow night!
-Don Wilson and the Vast Team

September 18th Update

This Sunday and Next Wednesday
The elder team, staff and home church leaders met together on Wednesday night at Wellhouse to pray, worship, and seek God’s heart for the next steps for gathering as a church this fall. We are encouraged by the heart of unity we all enjoyed and we are believing that we God is leading us towards gathering back together soon in a way that is honoring to Him, considerate of one another, and mutually beneficial to all involved.
In the meantime, here’s a teaching from 1 Peter series on “Living Well under the Emperor” from 2018. As we prepare to dive into Daniel this fall this will be a helpful sermon to orient your mind and heart to the complex dimensions of living as duel citizens in a foreign land.
This Sunday feel free to attend a home church or listen to the sermon in your own home. One strategy that many folks have employed during this time is to gather and read the Scriptures together. We have heard great reports of groups gathering together and reading the full book of Daniel together. This is a great strategy for Sunday morning.
We plan on sending more communication out for our Wednesday gatherings soon.
-Pastor Ryan and the Vast Team

September 15th Update

Dear Vast Faithful,
Please make a note that we are modifying our Wednesday gathering that was scheduled for this week at Wellhouse church,( 9/16). Only elders, staff and home church leaders will be meeting to pray and plan this Wednesday. We regret the late notice.
Today we signed a one year agreement with Wellhouse to meet on their site on Wednesday evenings. Upon touring the site again elders and staff observed that we need some more time to strategize on how we occupy the spaces. Issues such as insurance coverage, entry/exit, sound system, cleaning/sanitizing, physical spacing and children’s areas are going to need some more discussion and attention.
Thank you for your patience. We know so many of you are anxious to gather and worship together. Our desire is to design our gatherings carefully, and to provide a worship experience for as many as can attend within the context of pandemic requirements and the architecture we are now getting familiar with.
Push your attendance date out to September 23, pray and fast for us and each other. God’s blessing and grace be upon you.

Vast Elders and Staff

September 11th Update

We’ve seen God move in our Sunday Home Groups in amazing ways and we praise him for all he is doing in those. This fall, we also wanted to create an opportunity for our Vast family who desires to be together on a larger scale. Our hearts go out to the kids in our church and we want to create an opportunity for them to join with a loving biblical community. This gathering is not the end-all-be-all, so there is no pressure to attend if you are satisfied with your Sunday Home Group or are unable to attend.

This Wednesday, September 16th, from 6:30-8:00pm, we are gathering at Wellhouse Church (442 Trinity Way) for a time of worship and prayer. Please be mindful and respectful of others when choosing your seating. There will be childcare for all ages except the nursery. We also have an option for the at-risk or cautious among us. They will need to arrive a bit early and call Mikee (541-588-2111), who will let them in though a separate entrance and into a room with less than 10 other people.

If you would like to serve (with childcare, feeding the worship team, etc.) please reach out to Mikee.

July 3rd Update

Find the letter HERE

June 6th

Kids Materials Download HERE

Home Group List HERE

We are encouraging those in our body to go through our new Acts 2:42-47 series with a Home Church Group. We have several locations and hosts ready to gather home church communities for worship, prayer and discussions around the Scriptures.  While some may choose to continue just watching on YouTube (which is great) many are ready to meet together and we feel like it’s time for the church to gather.  These home gatherings will focus on having a time for kids church, worship together, prayer and discussion from the sermon/teaching. The teaching video will be available for everyone to watch BEFORE they gather on Sunday (it should be uploaded by Saturday am on our youtube station). Please contact a leader on the home group list above if you would like to join. We also encourage you to bring your own camp chair and coffee with you if you are going to a physical home gathering.

Also, if you’d like to host a group, let us know and we’ll get you on the list.  Also if you’d simply like to invite a friend or neighbor over and work through the materials together that’s a great option too.

Our desire is to create opportunities for the Spirit to work amongst us.  If there are ways we can better serve you please let us know.

May 13th and 14th Update

The leaders at Vast are inviting you to pray about what is best for you and your family in the season. Our hope is to embody Acts 2:42 in the midst of our current circumstances. “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  We are encouraging every home church group to meet. How that looks (in-person or virtually), is something each home church is beginning to navigate.

We are still going to provide a Sunday service on our youtube, as we know that meeting is not possible for every family. Our hope however, is that you would be able to connect with your home church and go through the various elements of the service together.

We would love to hear from you right away, so we can make decisions and make sure everyone is in a group. Please fill out the form HERE so we can hear from you. If you are not in a group currently, the form is the best way to reach out about one.

May 8th Update

This Sunday, the Tusinze Worship Team from Uganda will be leading us in worship. This ministry, and many others, are supported through Transform African Ministries (TAM). We are excited to worship with them!

April 3rd Update

Have a Need?

We know that this is a difficult time that may result in loss of income, childcare and other situations. Donations have been made with this in mind. Please reach out to our team using the button and form below if you have a need we may be able to help with.

Vast Help Form

March 27th Update

Sunday Service

We are live streaming church from our youtube channel at 9:37 every Sunday! David Yost is doing kids church on our live stream, starting at 9:10am!
Print the bulletin at home before the service to follow along with. It includes prayers, bible passages and kids worksheets.

March 20th Update

Sunday Service

We are live streaming from our youtube channel this Sunday! (Not our Facebook) Go to The Youtube Channel
Here are the Lyrics for worship
Know that our desire is for you to be with us at the office on Sunday, but please do not come. Let’s join together online in order to protect those who are vulnerable.

Virtual Mid-Week Encouragement

Join our Zoom meeting this Wednesday from 8-9pm for encouragement and community.
Meeting ID: 813 810 136

God is Using Us to Bless Others

Because of your faithful benevolence giving and God’s amazing blessing on our finances in the last year, we have already been able to support our community in very tangible ways.
  • One of our men’s groups were able to provide F.A.N. with $575 in gift cards for needy families in Sisters. Those cards were handed out immediately!
  • Our church was able to give $500 to F.A.N. to provide additional assistance with groceries and gas for families in Sisters.
  • We have partnered with other churches in Sisters by giving $1,500 toward Bread Of Life. They normally receive the overstock from local grocery stores in Bend, but since there is no overstock, their need is great.

Office Closure and Gatherings

We want to be in community, but not unknowingly spread sickness. That is why all bible studies and home groups are not meeting at this time. And why the Vast office will be closed over the next two weeks (3/15-3/29). At the end of the two weeks, we will reevaluate when we are going to open it again.

We will still be available through phone or email, so please reach out if you need anything. If you have any needs during this time, Vast would love to support you, as we have resources to help. Please reach out to

Despite the physical distance we are keeping from each other, let’s strive to be intentional and remain close. Call someone and pray with them, do a bible reading plan with someone, video chat another family during dinner!

Physical Checks & Only “General Fund/Tithe” and “Benevolence”

We are also going to leave the slot open in the office door, so you can drop checks there if that is how you normally tithe on Sunday.

Because of IRS restrictions we cannot take “directed” gifts via check or online. They can only be marked as General Fund or Benevolence. The elders want to be sure that everyone knows that they are aware of this and many other needs. You can be sure that any gifts marked benevolence will be used to help with these current needs.

March 15th Update

We hoped you were able to “attend” the service this morning. If you missed it, you can find the video on our Facebook page.

The Vast office will be closed over the next two weeks (3/15-3/29). At the end of the two weeks, we will reevaluate when we are going to open it again. We will still be available through phone or email, so please reach out if you need anything. If you have any needs during this time, Vast would love to support you, as we have resources to help. Please reach out to We are also going to leave the slot open in the office door, so you can drop checks there if that is how you normally tithe on Sunday.

Church will continue to be streamed, but we anticipate using our youtube channel this Sunday and following, as we think this will work better. We will keep you updated through email and facebook.

Know that you are loved! Us and the members in our church family care about you, and most importantly, God, who is a God of Peace, is with you.

-The Team

March 13th Update

“Church, due to the issues facing our community, region, and nation around the potential dangers of the COVID-19 virus and per our local and state governments suggestion, as well as Sisters School District informing us last night that we can no longer use the facilities for the foreseeable future we are going to be taking a 3-4 week break from meeting on Sunday mornings and instead we’ll be doing some sort of Bible teaching and worship online via Facebook.  You will be able to watch the videos later in the week also our youtube channel.

I’ve been able to read about how the church rallied under the leadership of Martin Luther during the bubonic plague and despite the grim and dire situation the world found itself in the Church was able to express and embody a subversive hope.

While we’ve never had the temptation to make our church a building (we don’t own any) we have the opportunity for gospel impact and missional engagement during this scary and difficult time.

We have also decided to cancel ALL ministry gatherings during this time.  No official Sunday service, and mens, womens, youth or kids groups will be meeting. This includes both the high school and middle school spring break trips.

Things are going to be very de-centralized during this time.  If you would like to invite your home church over for Sunday morning Facebook stream please feel free to do that but also remember that each family unit is navigating the potential risks as wisely as they can for their specific situation.

We have a unique 3 weeks window (with schools closed and spring break around the corner) to try and limit our potential risk of becoming infected with this virus.

Three more exhortations I would like to leave you with:

#1- Please be watchful and alert to those in your circle who you know are already weakened or have compromised immunity.  Check-in with the most vulnerable among us.  Pray for them, drop groceries when you can, and just be alert to their needs.

#2- For those not in a Home Church Group or just visiting our community and feel a need to connect with others, Suttle Tea will be available between 9 am and 11 am Sunday with at least one Elder/Pastor available to speak too.

#3- This virus will profoundly affect many in our community and in our church financially.  My encouragement to all of you is to give and give generously during this time.  Give to your local church so we can do a lot of “kingdom work” during this time.  Give sacrificially and generously to your neighbors down the road.  (Here is our Giving Page)

If you have a need please let the church know.We love you all, we’re proud of the ways so many of you are following Jesus and we know the Sovereign King is at work in ways that are beyond our understanding.  I’ll leave you with a thought from the great hymn writer John Newton who said;

“Trust not the Lord with feeble sense but trust him for his grace, behind a frowning providence he hides a smiling face”

For the team,